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Ephemeral Containers

More space in less time! Festival, exhibition, office, warehouse, kiosk, ephemeral store, trade counters, showrooms, roadshows... our prefabricated containers can be adapted to your requirements. Easily adaptable, these functional and modular spaces adapt to the most varied demands.



Customizable, easy to assemble, and disassemble, the container is both a durable and nomadic solution, easily stored and reused. Very utilitarian, the container is delivered equipped with electrical outlets, USB  and Internet connections, native lighting, and integrated storage spaces.


Each container has a metal structure with a floor, posts, and a ceiling equipped with LED lighting systems.
We ensure the assembly and, if necessary, the superposition of the containers to allow you to have floors, stages, lounges, terraces, or mezzanines accessible via removable staircases and to improve the visibility of a vehicle, television, or other objects. You can also choose between refrigerated, air-conditioned or heated, dressed, or naked containers. 


Do you need a container on a long-term basis? We offer you purchase or long-term rental formulas, along with a maintenance and cleaning contract. As you can see, we adapt to your constraints and needs.

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