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Knowing how to entertain is a TALENT! Your guests will remember you, your brand, your event, and your target audience will talk about it because we will have made the right choices for you. Promoting your brand and your products, choosing the place and the type of booth according to your needs, maximizing your impact during the strong moments of the event... our approach is global.


Short deadlines, obstacles to overcome, ecological requirements at the heart of the company's values... we are constantly adapting thanks to an organizational approach that leaves little room for the unexpected. We take everything into account.
On our drivers, everything is planned, everything is written, and if there is a gap... it is because we have chosen it

" What a Stand! "

Aesthetics, to offer your customers a well thought-out, eye-pleasing and welcoming space.  

In terms of technical aspects, we select the most suitable materials (aluminum, textile, wood, etc.) and structures for your stand. Integration of flexible structures, dimensioning of the different parts of the stand (storerooms, halls, counters, etc.) to meet your objectives, integration of modular communication spaces (panels, brochure holders, etc.). 

The fantasy. You need more? Why not backlit stands to catch all the light during the show or live streaming screens to accentuate your brand's influence and communicate differently!

We all need something. Sometimes you just have to put it out there...

Are you communicating about a new project? Is your next event a logistical challenge? Contact us and let's talk about it!

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