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Knowing how to talk to each other is an ART! Let us make your internal communication more fluid and reinforce the adhesion of your collaborators through the best team-building experiences. To do so, draw from the many solutions we offer to recreate the link between your teams or to create emulation through emotion


So many emotions!

We create tailor-made events, taking into account the values of the company, the profile of the managers, and each member of the team, to defuse the situations that make you go from laughter to tears... Our common thread is emotion. Emotions modify behavior, structure thought, completely transform the individual and attach a person to the group.

An air of the big screen

In movies, the best actors, good lines, and a good soundtrack can do a lot... This applies to the events we organize.
Millimeterized intervention or improvisation, why choose?
Each in its place, we set the essential framework to allow everyone to have fun, to project themselves, to share, and to remember. Masters in the art of props and show, we use the most appropriate techniques to create emotion. And if you need to seduce the audience with a star visit, just ask. 

A better relationship

We are convinced that the most important element in the working relationship is emotion.
Our clients appreciate our ability to get the message across, to act as a relay to lower the temperature (or tension) through emotion.
We assume our role as entertainers to entertain, train and interest your teams.
Our approach is to impregnate ourselves with the company's values beforehand in order to improve relations and to convert your employees into ambassadors of your employer brand through calibrated events.

Does this seem like a tricky exercise? Come and talk to us... 

We all need something. Sometimes you just have to put it out there...

Are you communicating about a new project? Is your next event a logistical challenge? Contact us and let's talk about it!

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