How to pick your booth

Choosing a booth is like answering questions. You need to ask yourself about the budget you want to allocate, the storage space you want, whether you need a reusable stand, how much autonomy you want to have in setting up the stand, and the degree of sophistication you are looking for. There are many questions, but we have selected five to help you see things more clearly.

choisir stand evenement
choisir stand evenement

1- What are the objectives of your presence?

This is the first question that needs to be answered. The choice of the stand depends fundamentally on the objective you assign to your stand or to the event. Is it an image or communication objective, or is it a commercial objective? Are you launching a new product or service? Is it a showcase for your new positioning?

2- How should the booth look?

Whatever the objective, your stand must be attractive, corresponding to the personality of your brand, that is to say to the character traits that your customers attribute to your brand, those that you voluntarily show them or that they deduce from your actions and your communication. An attractive stand is also a stand that gives you the wow factor... You have to know how to combine colors, favor bright shades that catch the eye, and use appropriate lighting.

3- Which booth according to your position on the market?

Ask yourself: Where are you speaking from? From what position? Are you a leader or a challenger? A stand with quality finishes will allow you to hold your rank, to be in the right standing to avoid a bad buzz or simply indifference. At the same time, if you are a challenger or an outsider, becoming the attraction of the show will allow you to send a message to your competitors, including the market leader, at the same time as you make a "good move" towards your customers. Also, you should anticipate what your competitors are doing or will do. Because obviously, visitors who will walk through the aisles will not fail to make the comparison.

4- What space is available?

Sur un stand, l’espace c’est la clé. Vous bénéficiez d’un espace réduit ? C’est le moment de faire preuve d’inventivité, pour que votre communication visuelle, sonore, olfactive ait le plus d’impact possible. Vous disposez d’un espace immense ? Utilisez-le pour créer un univers détonant et imaginez un parcours qui privilégie l’expérience visiteur.

5- Where are you located in the event ?

Being relegated to the end of the lounge, in a corner, is not the same as a premium location, close to an entrance, in the middle of an imposed circuit, or unavoidable by its centrality. Here again, location is key, and just as there are strategies to take advantage of an exceptional location (when all roads lead to you) by multiplying communication efforts... there are other strategies to compensate for an unattractive and off-center location, which also involve imagining communication relays on the central points, or voice announcements, or creating an event within the event.

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